MP’s to attend ceasefire for seals event on 16/12/08

A delegation of MPs will be supporting us at 10 Downing Street on Tuesday 16th December as we call on Prime Minister Gordon Brown asking him for an immediate and comprehensive ban on the deliberate killing of all seals in UK waters, including Scottish waters.

An estimated 5,000 seals are shot in Scottish waters alone each year by salmon farmers and other fisheries interests. (Click here for further information on the persecution of seals in the UK)

During the event on Tuesday we will be unfurling a banner which demands a ‘CEASEFIRE FOR SEALS!’ Joining us will be Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, Conservative MP David Amess and Labour MP Robert Flello.

Talking about his support for our campaign Rob Flello MP for Stoke-on-Trent South has said:

“It’s a disgrace that seals are still tragically slaughtered in parts of the UK and it needs to end.  There can be no excuse for such barbaric practices and I support the calls to ban this practice and restore the rapidly declining numbers of our common seals.”

During the event on Tuesday SPAG Campaign Director Andy Ottaway will be handing in a letter address to Prime Minister Gordon Brown calling for greater protection for our globally important seal populations. The same letter which has been signed by 28 leading conservation and animal welfare charities was also handed in to the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond on Tuesday 24th November.

Campaign Director Andy Ottaway at SPAG has stated:

“We are calling on the British and Scottish Governments to introduce emergency measures to fully protect all our seals from any deliberate killing and to replace outdated legislation with a Protection of Seals Act as quickly as possible. We are also calling on the public to avoid Scottish salmon unless they can be assured that no seals have been killed. Dead seals are too high a price to pay for Scottish salmon”.


Our seals are in danger!

Take Action – Please help protect seals!

For further details about our campaign to protect seals in the UK please click here to be redirected to our ‘Saving Scotland’s Seals’ campaign.

In order for our campaign to be successful we need your help, please consider:

  • Making a donation
  • Joining our ‘Seal Savers’ scheme
  • Raising money when you search the internet
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