1,064 seals shot since 2011


The Seal Protection Group (SPAG) has condemned today the shooting of over 1,000 seals in Scottish waters in little over two years.

Director Andy Ottaway said today: ‘The Scottish Government claims that seals are only shot as a last resort measure to protect fish stock, sports angling rivers and fishing equipment, but it’s hard to see any need to kill over 1,000 seals in just over two years. We believe it is perfectly possible to deter seals without shooting them, which often leaves orphaned pups to slowly starve’. Two shot seals lie on the quayside

SPAG is working with the leading producers and retailers of Scottish salmon to end the killings. ‘The largest producer of Scottish Salmon has shot just one seal this year’ said Ottaway ‘So why are so many more still being shot?’ 

He added: ‘Is this the image of Scotland the Government wants to present to tourists and to visitors it wants to attract to the Commonwealth Games next year?’ 

According to Scottish Government statistics, 1,064 seals have been reported shot under it’s Seal Licence Scheme since it was introduced in 2011. This number breaks down as 461 seal shot in 2011, a further 423 in 2012 and 180 seals in the first six months of 2013.

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