Raising Awareness

In order to protect seals, we need strength in numbers. Please help us to raise awareness about the threats that seals face and what SPAG is doing to protect them. There are a variety of ways you can help:

Online social networking sites

The Seal Protection Action Group is active on many social networking sites, please click on the text above the logo’s below to join our groups.

SPAG on Facebook Spag on MySpace SPAG on Youtube

SPAG on Social networking sites

SPAG on Greenvoice SPAG on Care 2 SPAG on Animal Campaigns

SPAG on social networking sites

If you are not registered with the relevant online social networking sites, please join them!

Posters and flyers

We have a range of A4 posters and A5 flyers which you can download and print off to use where you see appropriate, for example on a notice board at your school / work place. Please ensure you have permission to put up our posters. Click on the links to download.

Save the seals poster


If you have an online blog, please consider writing a post about the threats that seals face and highlight what people can do to protect seals via taking positive action by supporting SPAG campaigns.


If you participate in animal welfare / wildlife / marine / environmental forums / chat rooms, please consider raising the topic of the threats that seals face and SPAG campaigns to protect them.

Advertising and editorial coverage

Can you provide free advertising and editorial coverage for SPAG in your publication, if so please click here to contact us.

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