Seal shooting horror returns to Scottish holiday village


Men from the Scottish Wild Salmon Company (Usan Salmon Fisheries of Montrose) are back in Crovie, Aberdeenshire shooting seals. The netting season means they could be shooting seals there and elsewhere for months to come. 

Their men  (pictured here) sit on a cliff with a rifle, fitted with a silencer, waiting to shoot seals that approach their nets.  Last year they shot over 20 seals in barely two weeks. 

In 2012, around 450 seals were shot in Scottish waters, half of these at fish-farms, with the remainder shot at fly-fishing rivers and salmon netting stations like here at Crovie.  

This is the true price of Scottish salmon!

Make your protest. Write to: Usan Salmon Fisheries Ltd,  The Bothy, Usan, Montrose, DD10 9SG  Tel: 01674 676 989

and their Directors:

David Pullar
Mobile: +44 (0) 7810 288945

George Pullar
Mobile: +44 (0) 7845 111365

Last year, an English couple renting a holiday cottage at Crovie returned home early after witnessing seals being shot in front of them.  They have vowed never to return to Scotland, or buy any Scottish salmon products, until the slaughter of seals is ended. 

The Seal Protection Action Group is calling for strictly non-lethal measures to deter seals to be used by fish-farmers, wild salmon netsmen, as well as  the river authorities that shoot hundreds of seals to ‘protect’ angling rivers for unwitting fly-fishing tourists.

Don’t let them kill our seals! Please support our campaign and sign our pledge to avoid Scottish salmon products until Scotland’s shameful seal slaughter is ended!




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