Namibia’s barbaric seal slaughter exposed

Namibia seal huntOver 90,000 seals, including 85,000 pups are brutally clubbed to death each year in Namibia, making it the second largest seal cull in the world next to the Canadian hunt. The slaughter begins in July and continues for around five months. Clearly, the authorities and hunters are determined to hide this cruel atrocity from public view and the inevitable international condemnation it rightly deserves. Some footage of the hunt can be seen on this website by clicking the link under the ‘Take Action’ section below. WARNING! This film contains graphic images of shocking cruelty.

The seals are clubbed to death for their skins, fur and meat, with the genitals sold as traditional medicines and aphrodisiacs in the Far East. The sealing industry in Namibia is only worth around £400,000, while tourism, including seal-watching at Cape Cross, is worth many millions.

Cape Cross is a dedicated ‘seal reserve’, yet every morning between 6-9am the hunters club around 200 seal pups to death. At 10am, coach loads of international tourists arrive to take photos of the few terrified seals left behind, unaware of the massacre that has just taken place.

“It is beyond belief how anyone could inflict such appalling cruelty on these defenceless creatures” said Andy Ottaway of the Seal Protection Action Group, “We are determined to end the Namibian seal hunt just as soon as we can”

Take Action:

Please help us to stop Namibia’s cruel seal hunt by protesting to the Namibian Embassy in your country, please click here for further details.

You can also help SPAG to protect seals around the world by:

  • Making a donation
  • Joining our ‘Seal Savers’ scheme
  • Raising money simply by searching the internet
  • Helping to raise awareness about SPAG through social networking sites and blogging
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