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Scottish seal killings in dramatic fall

The Seal Protection Action Group (SPAG) has been working to end the shooting of seals by the Scottish Salmon Industry for almost ten years. Now, thanks to our campaign the number of seals shot has fallen to the lowest level since the Scottish Government introduced the Seal Licence scheme in 2011. Before this scheme was […]

US set to ban Scottish salmon over seal killings

  The Seal Protection Action Group (SPAG) is campaigning to end seal shooting in Scotland. Now, new legislation could see Scottish salmon exports to the United States banned over the killing of seals. The US Government has introduced new measures to ban fisheries imports from countries that do not adequately protect marine mammals. While these rules […]

1,500 seals shot in four years by Scottish salmon industry

1st October 2015 The Scottish Government has just published the latest seal shooting figures on their website at: They reveal that 86 grey and 24 common seals (110 animals) were reported shot between January and June this year. By comparison, 97 grey and 19 commons (116) were reported shot during the same period last […]

Scotland’s biggest seal killers named and shamed!

8th July 2015 The Seal Protection Action Group has today named Usan Salmon Fisheries of Montrose, who trade as the Scottish Wild Salmon Company, as the number one seal killer in Scotland. The news comes after recent video footage was released of Usan personnel shooting three seals at two locations last month and reports that […]

Save Our Seals!

  The Seal Protection Action Group’s (SPAG) campaign to end seal shooting in Scotland and the rest of the UK has hit the headlines this week. The campaign made front page news in the Daily Mirror on Tuesday 7th April and the issue was also covered extensively in the Daily Mail online and Daily Express […]

Big drop in Scottish seal killings!

  The Seal Protection Action Group has welcomed a continuing downward trend in seal shooting under government licence in Scottish waters, but warned that the mass seal killings continue to damage Scotland’s reputation and much more must be done to end the practice. The latest figures, just posted on a Scottish Government website, reveal […]

Canada’s seal slaughter hits record low as trade ban bites

  The massive decline in seals killed in commercial hunts continues,  thanks to international trade bans on the import of seal products from these hunts. The Canadian Sealers Association says that fewer than 55,000 harp seals were landed this year compared to 91,000 in 2013 and 69,000 in 2012.  This number, while huge, is still […]

Seal shooting in decline but more must be done

  The Seal protection Action Group  has cautiously welcomed an ongoing downward trend in seal shooting under government licence in Scottish waters, but warned that mass seal killing continues to damage Scotland’s reputation. The latest figures, recently posted on a Scottish Government website, reveal that a total of 238 grey and 36 common seals, 274 […]

1,064 seals shot since 2011

PRESS STATEMENT: 5TH SEPTEMBER 2013 The Seal Protection Group (SPAG) has condemned today the shooting of over 1,000 seals in Scottish waters in little over two years. Director Andy Ottaway said today: ‘The Scottish Government claims that seals are only shot as a last resort measure to protect fish stock, sports angling rivers and fishing […]

‘Visit Scotland’ and witness seal slaughter campaigners warn

11th June 2013 The Seal Protection Action Group warned tourists to stay away from Scotland if they care about wildlife, especially seals, as they may be horrified to witness mass seal shootings. The warning comes as television presenter Neil Oliver launched a £350,000 campaign promoting Scotland as a top location for wildlife watching. The campaign highlights […]

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