Save Scotland’s Seals Pledge

Protect Scotland’s Seals – Avoid Scottish Salmon!

Thousands of seals are shot each year by the Scottish Salmon industry. Recently scientists have revealed a ‘frightening decline’ in common seals around our coast. We, the Seal Protection Action Group (SPAG) believe that dead seals are too high a price to pay for Scottish salmon. If you agree please sign your pledge below to avoid ALL Scottish salmon products until producers stop killing seals.

For further details about our campaign to protect seals in the UK please click here.

The ‘Save Scotland’s Seals’ Pledge:

“I hereby pledge to avoid all Scottish salmon products until producers stop killing seals. I also call upon the British and Scottish Government to introduce legislation as quickly as possible to fully protect the UK’s globally important seal populations from all deliberate killing.”

Pledge Instructions

Please note:

* In order to validate your pledge we need to send you an email – please reply to this email.

* Once validated your Name and Town only will be displayed on our website pledge list. Your address and contact details will NOT be listed and will be kept by SPAG in accordance with data protection legislation.

Spread The Word!

You can help us raise awareness about the pledge in a number of ways:

1) Email friends and family

2) Use the ‘Share It’ function below to promote the pledge on social networking and bookmarking sites

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3) Download and circulate a paper version of the pledge for people to sign

Please click here to download the paper version of the pledge

4) Promote our ‘Save Scotland’s Seals’ pledge by displaying the banner below on your website / Myspace page etc. Please either right click and save the image or use the html code provided.


Thank you!

The Pledge List

A big thank you to everyone below who has signed the pledge!

IMPORTANT! If you have submitted your pledge, please note that your name will NOT immediately appear below. First, you have to respond to our validation email and then we manually update the list every week. Thank you for your patience.

65) Chris Allen, Suffolk, UK
64) Brian Dawson, Essex, UK
63) Virginia Foulkes, Perthshire, UK
62) Hannah Rabey, Cornwall, UK
61) Vicky Farrell, Basingstoke, UK
60) Belinda Bereng, Moldvay Matic London, UK
59) Mark Carter Oban, UK
58) Natalie Buttriss, Ross-on-Wye, UK 
57) Sarah Green, Wakefield, UK
56) Mike Orman, Cornwall, UK
55) Elaine Pierson, Twikenham, UK
54) Simon Bone, Cornwall, UK
53) Andrea Metcalf, Perth, UK
52) Robert McClean, Beverley, UK
51) Dawn Midgley, Red Bank, New Jersey
50) Ian Fairclough, Brisbane, Australia
49) Ines Pios, Brussels, Belgium
48) Alex Sutherland, West Bromwich, UK
47) Sarah Sutherland, West Bromwich, UK
46) Sue Sayer, Cornwall, UK
45) Paula Lightfoot, Sheffield, UK
44) Marija B, Croatia
43) Stephen Donovan, Dover, UK
42) Janet Donovan, Dover, UK
41) Karla Pocza, Alberta, Canada
40) Anette Jonnson, Sweden
39) Kevin Braithwaite, Coventry, UK
38) Jayne Osbourn, Oldbury UK
37) Jackie Betts-Gilbert, Essex, UK
36) Fabienne Roudaire, Lyon, France
35) Avery Faulkner, Bilston, UK
34) Debby Thorne, Isle of Mull, UK
33) Jane Burns, Victoria, Australia
32) Cheryl Wilkinson, Reading, UK
31) Linda Maidment, Stoke-On-Staffordshire, UK
30) Jen Renstrom, Crete
29) Julie Menkin, Oslo, Norway
28) Bibi Buchanan, Ontario, Canada
27) Andrew Simon, Oklahoma, USA
26) Kirsty Maidment, Plymouth, UK
25) Rose Harding, Springwood, Australia
24) David Wallace, Devon, UK
23) Tina Dyson, Cheshire, UK
22) James Daley, Stoke-On-Trent, UK
21) Melissa Ancell, Idaho, USA
20) Emma Crowe, Carlisle, UK
19) Nicola Quinn, Liverpool, UK
18) Nick May, Birmingham, UK
17) Gui Rivaud, Taunton, UK
16) Lisa Rowe, Liverpool, UK
15) Carol Rawlings, London, UK
14) Hema Bedasie, Barataria, Trinidad & Tobago
13) Clare Faulkner, Essex, UK
12) Megan Chapple, Coventry, UK
11) Dylan Hindson, Seftigen, Switzerland
10) Barry Hindson, Seftigen, Switzerland
9) Jackie Hindson, Seftigen, Switzerland
8 ) David Williams, Gwent, UK
7) Janis Worsley, Suffolk, UK
6) Liz Brilliante, Pontyclun, UK
5) Vicky Stevens, Nottingham, UK
4) Leah Graham, Loughborough, UK
3) Anabel Abram, Edinburgh, UK
2)Stephanie Williams, Kent, UK
1) Melanie Breen, London, UK

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