Scottish seal killings at record low!

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Thousands of seals are shot by the Scottish salmon industry every year.

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Seals in Danger

Did you know that many hundreds of thousands of seals all over the world are killed each year as a result of human activities? These activities include:

  • Deliberate hunting for their fur and other body parts
  • Shot by fishermen and/or deliberately trapped and drowned to protect fishing interests
  • Entangled and drowned in fishing gears
  • Habitat-destruction
  • Environmental degradation including toxic pollution and climate change

The Seal Protection Action Group

The Seal Protection Action Group (SPAG) is dedicated to protecting seals and their environment worldwide, including the UK through public education, campaigning, and supporting non-invasive scientific research projects.

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Take action – help protect seals

If you would like to take action to protect seals please:

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